Kompozycja Residence is a complex of six charming structures located in a forest in the heart of Konstancin. The project consists of three overground floors and sub-floor designated for an underground car park. This convenient solution completely eliminates any vehicle traffic upon the plot making it a very safe, quiet and clean area to live in. There are two staircases and a lift adapted for disabled people to allow easy access to the garage hall.

Kompozycja Residence Respects the nature that surrounds the project. Extensive efforts were done to eliminate any harm to the forest during the construction process. The northern part of the plot consists of oak and pine trees forest green area and will serve the residents of Kompozycja Residence as their private park.

Every house in Kompozycja Residence has its own private garden on the ground level, as well as a separate entrance from the inner pedestrian street leading from Wilanowska Street. Another key feature of the project is the possibility of having a large rooftop garden with a terrace on top of the structure.

The Kompozycja Residence offers it’s residents the opportunity to indulge nature in their backyard. The project’s residents will be able to smell the scent of the forest all day while being able to relax in a natural environment, away from the hectic fast pace of the city. We offer you a house with a private park in a quiet area while commuting to Warsaw is accessible.

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