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Metropolis Investments is a Polish investment company which operates in the residential real estate sector in Poland. We target Multi-Family residential projects located in high demand areas. The company has consistently shown the ability to locate high yield deals in a very competitive market. We specialize in executing the business plan from A to Z while doing everything to the best interest of our projects, its customers and its investors. In each project, we try and present to the market buildings with the most up to date design while offering customers a practical, modern and attractive product that a lot of thought was invested in it.

The Metropolis Investments team specializes in acquiring the land after our law and tax advisors professionals have ran a thorough due diligence on the plots to avoid any constraints when promoting the project through all its stages. After the acquisition, our team starts to plan and design the buildings and their surroundings with the most suitable professional architects carefully selected for each of the projects. We support the belief that with good collaboration between the developer to the designers, the project will yield more space which will help design well-planned and spacious apartments which will accelerate demand by consumers. Our Technical team ensures that the construction phase is done in the most professional and efficient way, accompanying the contractors throughout the entire process until the project receives its final permits. In the meantime, our Marketing and Sales Professionals reach and service potential customers while promoting the projects in the most economical, efficient, up to date marketing technologies and media available in the Market.

In addition to our capabilities, Metropolis targets each project to be financed by one of the leading Polish national banks. We aim to receive 70% loan to cost upon receiving the building permits.

A Multi-Family development project takes extensive responsibilities especially when representing investors. Our management is constantly doing it’s utmost to ensure the project will be successful while all of the apartments are being sold on schedule to be able to provide our investors above average return on their equity. We invite investors to be part in the early stage of the investment, when the company purchases land for its development projects. One can be part of a successful investment and enjoy a high return on his equity.

We invite you to contact us to hear more about the investment opportunities we currently have to offer. If you are a landowner we are looking for investment properties to develop a residential complex in Poland. We invite you to contact us